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Course Choice – Parent Presentation – S4 into S5

Course Choice – Parent Presentation – S5 into S6

S5-6 Course Choice Complete Booklet 20-21-gc

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Subject Resources Summaries

This resource is for our learners, parents and carers to support individual home learning and also learning that occurs within the school day.   For each subject entry, information is described in 4 sections – Course Information; Resources; Home Study Materials and Assessment.  Examples of these materials include course outlines, topic benchmarks, class notes, teacher’s slides and revision notes.

S1/2 Subject Resources Summaries

Boroughmuir S1,2 Subject Resources – March 30th 2020

S3/4 Subject Resources Summaries

Boroughmuir S3,4 Subject Resources – Mar 30th 2020

S5/6 Subject Resources Summaries

Boroughmuir S5,6 Subject Resources – March 30th 2020

Parents Information Evening Presentations

Benefits of reading for pleasure S1 parents night


S3 – Parents Info Slides

S4 – Parents Info Slides

S5 – Parents Info Slides

S6 Post School Planning Evening

RMPS Course Information for Parents & Carers

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Home To School Transport Requests For Session 2019/2020

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Family and Household Support Service

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S1 Parents Feedback – You Said…We Did

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