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Welcome to the Health, Food, Textiles Technology department webpage. We form part of the faculty of HWB and alongside our colleagues in RMPS we are passionate about providing our learners with a rich, modern and diverse learning experience.

We also hold these shared values and aims.

Staff in HFTT

Miss M Mitchelmore (CL)

Ms J Davidson

Mrs M Snaddon

Miss Emily Spence (probationer)

Curriculum Overview

  • S1 / S2 BGE
  • S3/4 National 3-5 Hospitality: Practical Cookery
  • S3/4 National 3-5 Health and Food Technology
  • S3/4 SQA Wellbeing Award
  • S5/6 Higher Health and Food Technology
  • S5/6 National 3-5 Hospitality: Practical Cookery
  • S6 Advanced Higher Health and Food Technology

Boroughmuir High School Curriculum Schedules


S1-2 Broad General Education HFTT

S1 & 2 pupils attend HFTT once a week, our curriculum is developed around the outcomes within the CfE, benchmarks, current and emerging food and health trends, pupil participation and pupil voice. Every S1/S2 has a class teams page- we would love to see any recipes created at home and have a channel dedicated to “ Foodie Phoographs”

S3-4 Health and Wellbeing

S3 and 4 pupils have a dedicated period of HWB once a week as part of the Health and Wellbeing Rota.  During these lessons pupils explore all 4 contexts of wellbeing including physical, mental, social and emotional and work towards achieving the SQA Wellbeing Award and the RBV award at the end of S4.

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S4 pupils will have the opportunity to focus on their own wellbeing and explore mental health in more detail. Mental Health first aid raises awareness of topics faced by S4 learners including, investigating the importance of sleep, examining stress and its impacts and discovering practical strategies pupils can utilise to promote positive mental, emotional and social wellbeing

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S3 – 4 National 3/4/5 Health and Food Technology

The diversity and challenge offered by this qualification offers a wide and interesting career choice within the Food Product Development industry, dietetics, food technology, nursing, primary and secondary teaching, environmental health, trading standards, public health, advertising and the retail food industry.

This course is suitable for pupils who have an interest in food, health, lifestyle and consumer issues and who enjoy learning through practical activity.  Pupils will develop a range of skills which will allow them to work independently and collaboratively. These are transferable skills both to the senior school and to the workplace.

Topics covered at National 5.

•           Food for Health

•           Food Product Development

•           Contemporary Food Issues

S3/4 & Senior National 3-5 Hospitality: Practical Cookery

This is an exciting but demanding practical course that enables learners to develop precise practical skills and knowledge whilst supporting personal and social development that prepares learners for further training and employment in a wide range of careers.

The course contains a significant amount of practical cookery supported by pertinent and related theory that builds essential knowledge and understanding.

Topics covered:

  • Cookery Skills, Techniques and Processes, high end practical skills, with a focus on new cooking processes like poaching, Stir- Frying and the presentation of dishes with appropriate garnishes and decorations.

Understanding and Using Ingredients: The origin of ingredients, sustainability the characteristics of ingredients, and their safe and hygienic storage

Organisational Skills for Cooking- develop skills to dovetail and cook dishes together, and use numeracy and literacy to create timeplans, and service details for your final SQA exam

S5 – S6 Higher Health and Food Technology

In this course pupils will develop and apply the knowledge and skills of research, analysis and evaluation in order to make informed food and dietary choices. Pupils develop their understanding of the properties of food in relation to food production, processing and the development of food products.

The course uses an experiential, practical and problem-solving learning approach and promotes independence in learning. It uses real-life situations, and where appropriate, takes account of local, cultural, and media influences and technological innovations.

Topics covered:

Food for Health: The development of essential and detailed knowledge and understanding of the relationships between health, food, nutrition, current dietary advice; and their impact on health for the dietary needs of individuals and people at various stages of life.

Food Product Development : The development of knowledge and understanding of technological food processing activities which demonstrate the science and functional properties of food and its application in creating new products within a variety of contexts.  Learners will apply a range of food preparation techniques to design, create, analyse and evaluate food products to meet specified needs.

Contemporary Food Issues: Learners will research a range of contemporary factors affecting food and nutrition, health and wellbeing and consumer choices exploring factors which may affect food choice and develop knowledge and understanding of contemporary food issues. They will also consider technological developments in food and food manufacturing, organisations which protect consumer interest and how food labelling helps consumers make informed food choices. Learners will apply knowledge and skills within practical contexts.

S6 Advanced Higher Health and Food Technology

In this course pupils will develop the knowledge and skills of research, analysis and evaluation in order to make informed choices, or provide informed advice to others, about dietary, nutritional and consumer food issues. The course develops candidates’ knowledge and understanding of the science of food.

The course addresses contemporary issues affecting food and nutrition, including ethical considerations; legislation; sustainability; psychology of food trends; food production and development; and their effects on consumer choices.

Topics covered:

  • Health and Food Technology: Food for Health
  • Food Science Production and Manufacturing

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