S1 Welcome Evening

It was great to meet so many parents on Tuesday night for our Welcome Evening – thank you for coming along.

 Here is a copy of the presentation.

 A finalised copy of Extra-Curricular Clubs will be added next week following the Freshers’ Fair today.  All clubs on offer will continue to be in the Daily Bulletin and pupils can still go along if they didn’t “Sign Up” on the day.

Ms Juliet Presly

Depute Head Teacher

Boroughmuir High School

0131 229 9703

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Our 2021-22 collection has tales of falling and of flying; of hiding and of exploring; of silence and of expression. Thanks, as always, to the whole English department for truffling out contributions from our wonderful writers, and huge thanks to our writers for producing such wonderful content.

And thank you to you for reading!

Furthsetter 2021-22

Well done, you. Well done all of us. This year has felt a little like walking a tightrope between caution and a longing for connection; perhaps, though, we might just be starting to feel our worlds ge

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Open Afternoon

P7 Parents/Carers,

We would like to invite you to Boroughmuir High School Open Afternoon on Friday 28th October.  We are opening our doors for all P7 Parents and Carers from 1.30-3pm. There will be a “Welcome” presentation from the Senior Leadership Team, Senior Pupils and an Introduction to the Pupil Support Team in the Assembly Hall at 1.45pm and repeated again at 2.30pm.  Pupils will meet you on arrival and  be conducting tours of our school. All our departments are opening up their classrooms to allow parents to visit.   We will also be providing a school map if you would rather go for a look around using that instead of a guided tour.

We look forward to welcoming you to Boroughmuir on Friday 28th October.

Juliet Presly

Depute Head Teacher

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Boroughmuir School Makar

The Boroughmuir Maker is our official poet – the first pupil leadership position of its kind at our school.

We ran a competition to find two creative, passionate, and artistically excellent pupils (one for the senior year groups and one for the junior year groups) to act as Boroughmuir School Makars. We will ask these pupils, occasionally, to share with us their ‘take’ on current or school events – just like Kathleen Jamie does as the Scots Makar and Hannah Lavery does as the Edinburgh Makar.

The competition was small but the poems were absolutely wonderful. They were clever, thoughtful, fierce, heart-breaking, funny, thought provoking but above all unique. They were all so good. Thank you to everyone who entered. As a result of the quality of the work sent in, a selection of the best – from across the school – will be published after the October Holiday for pupils and parents to purchase.

Mr Thomson is currently running a competition for pupils to design the cover for that publication, so artists – if you’re interested – please do get involved and ask Mr Crawford for more information.

The poetry competition was judged anonymously by Ms Yates, Mr Dempster, Ms Presley and Sam Tongue from the Scottish Poetry Library.

The winners are:

S1-S3, Oscar Cobham (S1)

S4-S6, Caitlin Conway (S6)

Our winners will each receive a badge for their bags, a goody-bag from the Scottish Poetry Library, a copy of Kate Clanchy’s How to Grow Your Own Poem, a £10 book voucher and their poems will be entered into the Foyle’s Young Poet of the Year international competition. Their poems will also be published on the Scottish Poetry Library Website.

A huge thanks to Ms Yates for organising this whole event!

Here’s one each of their poems. Enjoy

Time Heals Grief- Caitlin Conway

Your recollections of their voice begin to fade,
though forgetting their cadence was not your intent,
‘Time heals grief’ only to leave it betrayed.

Once the outpour of grief has ceased to cascade,
and the letters and cards are no longer sent,
your recollections of their voice begin to fade.

Grief, now reticent, halts its parade,
it is contained and managed (to an extent),
‘Time heals grief’ only to leave it betrayed.

If your façade takes a hit or begins to degrade,
to this truth let your wavering will be bent,
your recollections of their voice begin to fade.

Look beneath the mourning, let your content be unmade:
words left unsaid, time left unspent,
‘Time heals grief’ only to leave it betrayed.

The loss of the lost cuts as deep as a blade,
guilt drives the living’s discontent.
Your recollections of their voice begin to fade,
‘Time heals grief’ only to leave it betrayed.

Poem by Oscar Cobham

As the wind blows through the rustling leaves,

And the rain drips into the roadside streams,

In a deserted street with no one around,

Nature’s chorus is the only sound.

The weeds grow in the flagstone cracks,

Wriggling up through all the gaps,

Striving to grow above the waste,

Nature always finds her place.

And when we are gone and nothing but dust,

Who will be there, in who can we trust?

Nature that’s who, Nature will be there,

Because the weight of the future is what Nature bears.

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Boroughmuir High School Wider Achievement: Sport

Dear Boroughmuir Parent/Carer,

We have a lot of very talented sports performers at Boroughmuir High School and we want to celebrate this!

Using the ‘Form’ link below, please keep us up to date with any sports results from the school teams or any individual performances.

Information from this ‘Form’ will allow us to share news with the Boroughmuir community and to also support us in the preparation of Sports Personality of the Year 2023. 

We would love to see and share some pictures/videos of our top sports performers/teams. Please send any media to David.Collard@Boroughmuir.edin.sch.uk

Photo Tip: Taking a photo in landscape makes it easier for us to crop and edit for school videos. 

Please note that, by sharing any information or media, you are consenting to the information/picture/video being used on the @BoroughmuirPE Twitter page, School Plasma Screens and awards videos (including Sports personality of the year)

Thank You – Let’s celebrate the amazing pupils at Boroughmuir High School!

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