Art & Design


Higher Expressive 2022

R Thomson – Curriculum Leader

J Crawford – Teacher

E Catala – Teacher

A Cullen – Teacher

C Duguid – Teacher



S1-3: General Course
S4: National Qualifications
S5-6: National Qualifications / Higher Art and Design / NPA Photography & Higher Photography
S6: Advanced Higher Art and Design


Aims and Objectives of Art & Design

Nat 5 Expressive 2022


  • To develop visual awareness, analysis and understanding mainly through the study of aspects of the local environment and personal experience.
  • To develop skills in the handling of various forms of media and technology.
  • To allow scope for personal expression and encourage imaginative thinking.
  • To develop an understanding and appreciation of the work of practising artists and designers.
  • To promote creative thinking and problem solving through the study of design where function as well as appearance must be considered.
  • To promote the understanding and use of a ‘Visual Language’.


To provide for all pupils a range of Art and Design experiences which are varied, stimulating and educationally valid. Courses should cater for all levels of ability and be appropriate to the aspirations and needs of disparate groups. At all times pupils will be encouraged to work to their full potential in an environment which is sympathetic, supportive and very much concerned with the individual. Self-reliance and self-discipline will be promoted as an integral factor in achieving success at all levels.


Resources / Home Study

Higher Expressive 2022

Expressive – We encourage pupils to practise their drawing and painting skills regularly at home. In S3 pupils will explore different techniques and media. Pupils keep their work in a portfolio which allows them to transport it safely to and from school. The main Expressive unit for SQA presentation does not usually start until S4.

Design – The design project is the main focus of S3 with pupils developing skills and complete a ‘mini design project’ in class to learn about how to follow the Design Process and gain confidence using materials and techniques.

Nat 5 Design 2022

Nat 5 Design 2022

Art & Design Studies – This is the study of artists and designers. The course develops critical skills in analysing fine art and design as well as giving greater understanding of context in the history of art and design. Pupils are encouraged to visit galleries and museums both in Edinburgh and further afield to broaden their understanding and appreciation. They can also find information from on-line sources and from documentaries and TV programmes such as The Culture Show, Artworks Scotland, Imagine and the channel Sky Arts. The List and The Skinny are excellent local magazines for highlighting and reviewing culture in Edinburgh and Glasgow.

The Art Department Noticeboard (next to room G.04) displays information on workshops, competitions and opportunities for pupils to further develop their artistic skills and interests.


Extracurricular Activities

Nat 5 Expressive 2022

Art Club: A weekly after school S1 Art Club is organised and delivered by our senior pupils.

Photography Club: A weekly Photography Club takes place at lunchtime for pupils interested in honing their skills.

Art Showcase: S1-6 pupils get the chance to exhibit their Art and Design folios and model costume pieces on stage at our annual showcase.

Study Support: Staff offer lunchtime and after school study support sessions for certificate pupils at times throughout the year.

Visits: Pupils have the opportunity to visit Art galleries, exhibitions and further education establishments such as Edinburgh College of Art.

Trips: In recent years the Art department has led trips to London, Paris and Benmore. This is an exciting opportunity for pupils to visit some of the best museums and galleries in the world, while enriching their Art and Design experiences in culturally significant and inspirational surroundings.

Higher Design 2022

Higher Design 2022

Higher Design 2022

Higher Design 2022