Pipe Band

The Morningside Youth Pipe Band (MYPB) and the Boroughmuir Schools’ Pipe Bands.

MYPB was formed in October  2012, to give children from South Morningside Primary School, who had been learning to play the pipes and drums a forum to play, practise and have fun together as a group and to perform at local community events.

Since their public debut at the switching on of Morningside’s Christmas lights in December 2012, the band has gone from strength to strength, under the guidance of a fantastic team of tutors.  Membership of the band was opened up to pupils at Boroughmuir High School early in 2013 and now any child in the area who plays either the pipes or the drums is welcome to join the band.

The band have played at various school and community events i

Pipe Band Christmas Concert 2014

n Edinburgh and further afield, including the  2014  Edinburgh light nights Christmas event in George Street and the Pitlochry Highland Games.

The pipe band is also in the early stages of competing, making their debut appearance at the World Pipe Band Championships in Glasgow last year.

Following 18 months of fund raising including street performances, a ceilidh, a raffle, and other local fundraPitlochry 2014ising activities the £10,000 needed to provide the band with the kilts, jackets, and associated accessories was raised.  Then a decision was made to create the Boroughmuir Tartan representing the youth of the future and also to create a legacy for the Boroughmuir community going forward. “Boroughmuir HS is proud to have its own Pipe Band which performs at school and local events. The band practice on a Friday after school – if you are interested in further information or are keen to join, please contact Sarah Ledingham on sarah.c.hannay@gmail.com or visit our website

Piping at The World Piping Championship 2015  Preparing to Pipe at Murrayfield April 2015 The World's 2015 Visiting the College of Piping 2014http://morningsideyouthpipeband.btck.co.uk/