Former Pupils

BFP LogoWe all have one thing in common in that we all spent some or all of our secondary education at Boroughmuir High School.

Our Association is about reliving those school memories and building a lasting platform to capture those memories for future generations of pupils. In addition we intend to support the school with practical help in order to maintain its traditionally very high standards

Since our resurrection in 2013 after nearly 40 years in the wilderness we have made steady progress in recruiting new members from all over the world. . As well as our website and Facebook page we publish an annual Magazine to keep members informed of events, FP Club activities, reunions and alumni news.

The Management Committee have an aspiration to be the best state school FPA in Scotland and hopefully with your support we’ll achieve that.

The FPA has the following aims:-

  1. Keeping FPs informed about school and FP Club events and potentially providing recruits for the latter through its website, Facebook page and annual newsletter.
  2. Enabling a platform for FP Year Group communications from all over the world.
  3. Providing practical career guidance and work experience opportunities for current attending pupils.
  4. Highlighting notable achievements of its alumni.
  5. Source for school prize sponsorship/awards.
  6. Outlet for legacies, donations from FPs, their families and friends.
  7. Helping the School in any practical way that its management deem fit.

We hope you will join us, share your news with us and at some future date help put something back into the institution that gave us such a strong foundation in life.

Please visit our website for further information:


H Michie

Hanna Michie – 2014 BFPA Inaugural Award recipient


class of

The Class of ’68






Colin Scott – 6th Form Uniform still fits after 44 yrs


School Song

For any of you feeling nostalgic for the old school here are the words fo our fine school song – Vassels of the Muir. You will be glad to know that the song is now sung every year at our annual Christmas Concert!

We are Vassals of the ‘Muir, Vassals of the ‘Muir,
In silent vigil at her Shrine, we pledge fealty to the ‘Muir.
“Justus! Serve the cause of Right”.
“Tenax! Keep the scutcheon bright”.
And we proudly bear the Banner, the liege Vassals of the ‘Muir

The ‘Muir, The ‘Muir, Vassals of the ‘Muir,
Rally to the Borestone O ye Vassals of the ‘Muir;
To the gate that opens wide,

To the gate that opens wide,
To the lamp that burns inside,
To the gate that opens wide,
To the lamp that burns inside,
To the Borestone, to the Borestone,
All ye Vassals of the ‘Muir.
And the Vassals of the ‘Muir, Vassals of the Muir,

The sturdy saplings of her soil that do homage to the ‘Muir,
North and South and East and West
Seek anew the age old quest,
And they pay their fee in Service, the liege Vassals of the ‘Muir.