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Supporting Home Study

Office 365 (Teams, SharePoint, Outlook, OneNote) https://login.microsoftonline.com/login.srf

Many subject departments have support materials available within the Office 365 suite of applications.  This includes year group pages on Teams and many subjects have materials on Teams, OneNote and on SharePoint.  All pupils have login details.  Materials often include class notes, summary sheets and booklets, questions and PowerPoint slides.

Home Learning in Teams

This resource is for learners, parents and carers to summarise where to find home learning information and resources on Office 365, particularly in Teams.

Subject Resources Summarieshttp://boroughmuirhighschool.org/pupil-support/parents-information/

This resource for S1/2,  S3/4,  S5/6 is for our learners, parents and carers to support individual home learning and also learning that occurs within the school day.   For each subject entry, information is described in 4 sections Course Information; Resources; Home Study Materials and Assessment.  Examples of these materials include course outlines, topic benchmarks, class notes, teacher’s slides and revision notes (also available via the school App)

SCHOLAR https://scholar.hw.ac.uk/

Is an online course covering N5, H and AH courses in some subjects.  Usernames and passwords have been issued to all S4,5,6 pupils.  Subjects covered are:

Mathematics, English, Biology, Chemistry, Computing Science, Human Biology, Physics, French, Gaelic, German, Mandarin, Spanish, Business, Accounting, Art and Design, Business Management, Economics, Psychology

Supporting Home Study and Expectations

  • The school has provided on our website information on where to find a range of support materials to support pupils home study
  • Office 365 is the main platform that teachers are using to distribute and share learning activities. In particular the Teams app is used extensively.
  • This covers all stages of the school (S1-6) and most subject areas
  • The work will be proportionate to time the subject has on the regular timetable and will also reflect the nature of the subject i.e  it will be more difficult to provide meaningful work remotely for practical subjects
  • The learning will not be interactive but will take the format of guidance and support around the work provided. It is unrealistic that Teachers would be able to feedback to pupils on every piece of work provided or submitted.
  • Individual departments will endeavour to provide as much quality educational activity as possible via office 365.
  • We strongly recommend that parents/carers regularly discuss with their children the progress they are making in using these home study materials.

Teachers who are working from home may be themselves be unwell, be caring for others who are unwell or simply be fulfilling the role of family care. Therefore, the support offered may not follow a regular pattern. We appreciate your understanding with this. 

Pupils who lose their password or get locked out of OFFICE 365 should email Admin@boroughmuir.edin.sch.uk to request assistance.

Studying from Home

Accessing West OS Online Resources

Accessing OneNote from Home via website

Pupil Instructions for accessing an assignment in teams

Music Websites and Apps

Music from Home Bingo

S1/2 Parents and Carers: