Furthsetter – Boroughmuir High School’s Creative Writing Publication

Welcome to the home of our annual creative writing anthology, brought to you by the Faculty of English. Each year, we publish creative prose and poetry by our talented young writers so that you are able to read their work – it deserves a much wider audience than just their teachers!

Copies of our earlier anthologies, printed as physical books, can be found here: Shop the Independent Bookstore | Lulu Since 2019, though, this has been a digital publication. You can enjoy these here.

Furthsetter 2021-22

Well done, you. Well done all of us. This year has felt a little like walking a tightrope between caution and a longing for connection; perhaps, though, we might just be starting to feel our worlds ge

Furthsetter: 2019-2020

The end-of-year anthology