The Geography department comes under the remit of the Curricular Leader, Mr R Beattie.
Geography Teachers:
Mr Stevenson
Mr McLeister

S1/2 Geography
National 4 & 5 Geography
Higher Geography

What is Geography?

Today, the importance of Geography and the significance of contemporary geographical research is clearly apparent when applied globally and nationally.   The world is continually changing and is repeatedly facing social, political economic and environmental issues. Geography examines how the physical world is shaped and how this affects human activity.   Geography is interested in patterns on the earth’s surface, what processes were involved in creating those patterns and the impacts of changes on people, the economy and the environment.

Skills in Geography
Students will build progressively throughout the course on the key skills of collecting, processing and evaluating information accurately.  Fieldwork opportunities will be offered in S3, S4 and at Higher to help students develop these skills.Students will develop skills in analysing information from a range of sources including maps, diagrams and statistical techniques.They will also develop problem solving skills as they are presented with real-life scenarios and are encouraged to work for sustainable solutions.