Mathematics & Numeracy


  • Ms Blishen – (Curriculum Leader for Mathematics and Numeracy)
  • Ms Lianantonakis – Teacher
  • Ms McPherson – Teacher
  • Mr Stein – Teacher
  • Mr Stirling – Teacher
  • Mr Struthers – Teacher
  • Mrs Walker – Teacher
  • Mr P Williams – Teacher
  • Mr T. Bird – Teacher
  • Mr D. MacDougall – Teacher
  • Mr J. Beard – Teacher
  • Ms K. Weiss – Teacher

“Pure mathematics is, in its way, the poetry of logical ideas.” Albert Einstein


All pupil study Mathematics in S1 and S2.  Early in S1 we organise the pupils into sets for Mathematics based on their progress from primary school.  Classes will cover CfE Level 3 Outcomes and Experiences with extension into Level 4 and consolidation of Level 2 where appropriate.  Pupils’ progress is reviewed throughout S1 and S2 and set changes occur regularly.  The aim of our S2 course is to develop pupils’ knowledge and understanding of mathematical topics as well as their numeracy skills when applying this knowledge in a range of contexts.
All pupil study Mathematics in S3 and S4.  Pupils are organised into classes in S3 on the basis of their progress in S1 and S2. Pupils will follow courses covering CfE Level 3/4 Outcomes and Experiences leading to National Qualifications at National 2, National 3, National 4 or National 5 level as appropriate.
For pupils who choose to continue with Mathematics in S5 and S6 we offer courses at Higher and National 5 levels. We offer both National 5 Mathematics and National 5 Lifeskills Mathematics.  We also offer Advanced Higher Pure Mathematics and Advanced Higher Applied Mathematics (both Mechanics and Statistics) for pupils in S6 who have been successful at Higher Mathematics in S5

Other activities
Pupils from S1 – S6 are encouraged to take part in many different mathematical activities, including

  • Scottish Mathematical Council: Maths Challenge
  • UKMT Maths Challenge competitions (both individual and Team) at Junior, Intermediate and Senior levels
  • Enterprising Maths in Lothian: Maths Competition
  • Edinburgh University: S2 Masterclass
  • City of Edinburgh Higher and Advanced Higher Revision Tutorials

Resources / Home Study
S1/2  – Teejay Level D, E & F
Higher – Heinemann Revise for Higher