Pastoral Guidance

Pupil Support at Boroughmuir High School

At Boroughmuir High School the Pupil Support Faculty is overseen by the Depute Head (Pupil Support) working with 6 Pupil Support Leaders

Pupil Support Leaders at Boroughmuir High School

Mr C Brandie: Viewforth House

Miss F Grant: Hartington House

Mr P McIlwaine: Montpelier House

Miss C Nisbet: Leamington House

Mrs K Scherczer: Bruntsfield House

Mrs L Wallace: Westhall House

The Guidance System

The Guidance system in Boroughmuir is organised on a house basis with each Pupil Support Leader responsible for a different house. The Pupil Support Leader is responsible for the welfare of all the pupils in their house and their work is therefore directed at creating good personal relationships with their pupils. Working closely with each member of the Guidance staff are register teachers who meet with pupils in daily registration, issue information and who can often be the first to offer help with any difficulties.

Parents/Carers can make contact with the Pupil Support Leader allocated to their young person through phone or email. The Pupil Support Leader is the first point of contact for parents. Our pupil support team also work with a range of external agencies such as social work, educational welfare officers and CAMHS.

Each student is taught Personal Social Education (PSE) one period a week by their pupil support teacher.

Where possible Guidance staff and register teachers will move up through the school with students, helping to create trusting relationships (dependent on staff changes).

As pupils progress through the school, Pupils Support Leaders will provide different forms of support and advice – personal, social, academic and vocational. They will be involved in helping pupils when important decisions have to be made including subject choice. At other times throughout the year Guidance staff will be available on a regular basis to help with problems and difficulties. An increasing function of guidance staff is their work with individual pupils in setting targets for performance. These targets are designed to be realistic and achievable but also to stretch the pupil so that their potential can be maximised. Guidance staff also play a prominent role in tracking the progress of their pupils as they work towards their targets.

Pupils are encouraged to approach their Guidance teacher as soon as possible if experiencing any difficulty, no matter how trivial. Pupil Support Leaders welcome early contact from parents/carers concerning any problems facing a student.

It is important that parents/carers keep us informed of changes in circumstances or personal details.

Other Specialist Staff at Boroughmuir High School

Cara Davidson: Careers Advisor (SDS Scotland)

Mary Alexander: 1 to 1 Support Worker

Michael Moss: School Counsellor

Kate McEvoy: School Counsellor

Rose Bangs: Educational Psychologist

School Nurse: (NHS Lothian)

PC Morton: School Link Officer (Police Scotland)

Educational Welfare Service (Please contact relevant Pupil Support Leader)