Modern Studies


  • Mr R Beattie: Curriculum Leader, Social Subjects
  • Mr D Cogan – Teacher
  • Ms H Henderson – Teacher


S1-3: General Course
S4: National Qualifications
S5-6: National Qualifications / Higher Modern Studies
S6: Advanced Higher Modern Studies


S1 – S2
Exploring People and Society Level 3 and 4 ( Hodder Gibson)
Powerpoints used in Class, and  core booklets .  If a pupils needs a powerpoint booklet this can be supplied also.  This can support pupils who may need additional support.
Core booklets will be handed out to pupils for a homework task if necessary.
For  formal homework tasks pupils will record this in their school diary.
S1 and S2 pupils are invited to attend the afterschool drop in support sessions on a Monday and Wednesday within the department or make an appointment with their teacher .
For certificated courses (S3 onwards), Powerpoints used in class, and formal homework tasks, will ordinarily be posted onto the secure class group on Edmodo.

National 3-5
There are a number of course textbooks which the students may take home at times, to finish or go over their work in class. Copies are also available in the school library, for reference only. These include:

  • ‘Study Guide: N5 Modern Studies’ (Bright Red: available to buy here)
  • ‘National 4 & 5 Modern Studies: Democracy in Scotland and the UK’ (Hodder Gibson)
  • ‘Social Issues in the United Kingdom: National 4, National 5’ (Modernity Scotland)
  • ‘Changing Society in the UK’ (Hodder Gibson)
  • ‘Ideology and International Relations’ (Hodder Gibson)

The department also provide weekly drop-in help sessions, for students who would benefit from a little more support or access to resources like the internet, or a quiet place to do their homework.

Higher / Advanced Higher
All Powerpoint presentations (and other digital resources used in class) are shared with students using Edmodo.  Students are of course expected to continuously review their jotters and relevant resources.
A number of textbooks are used in Higher Modern Studies, and these are made available for pupils to loan.
Advanced Higher students can choose to buy a copy of the course textbooks, or there are copies available for reference only in the school library.
Advanced Higher students are required to subscribe to the journal Politics Review through the library.