Craft, Design & Engineering


P Dobson – Teacher

J Ross –  Teacher

C Spinks – Teacher

F Hunter – Teacher

T Henderson – Technician

Craft Design & Engineering

The CDE department offers a stimulating work environment for our students with a variety of well-resourced classrooms and workshops that encourages pupils to learn through the process of prototyping, experimenting, manufacturing and evaluating.

At N5 and Higher pupils have the opportunity to undertake projects tailored to their interests whilst developing their understanding of the world of design, manufacturing and engineering. Courses highlight the issue of sustainability within society and our responsibly to design and live in a way that meets the needs of the current generation without compromising future generations ability to do so.


S1-2: Broad General Education

S1: Spatula (D&M), Key Ring (D&M), Bird feeder (PWW), Pringles (G.C)

S2: Toy Plane (IDL), iPad Stand (PWW), Toy Car (G.C) and Bridge Building (E.S)

S3/4: National Qualifications

Design & Manufacture, Engineering Science, Graphic Communication and Practical Woodworking

S5-6: Higher / NPA

Design & Manufacture, Engineering Science, Graphic Communication and NPA Furniture Making

S6: Advanced Higher:

Design & Manufacture & Graphic Communication