Letter to parents – Info Evening for 16-17

Scottish society has, in large part, been shaped by many different influences, from a Christian heritage to the many world faiths which play a part in today’s society and non religious philosophical traditions. As a result the people of Scotland hold a wide variety of beliefs and values, and these continue to have an impact on Scottish society today.

RMPS gives us the opportunity to explore our own ideas and opinions on a variety of different religious, moral and philosophical topics and issues. At the same time the course allows us to develop an understanding of the beliefs and values of others within Scottish Society, from both religious and non-religious viewpoints.

We play a central role in the new Curriculum for Excellence, encouraging young people to become Confident Individuals and Successful Citizens by offering the opportunity to reflect on questions of meaning, value and purpose in our lives. Non-religious and religious viewpoints are examined with equal respect and all students are encouraged to contribute in the context of a supportive and stimulating learning environment.

Higher Religious Moral and Philosophical Studies – Assessment Calendar 2016-17

Assessment Calendar 2016-17 RMPS (00000002)Why RMPS?