Edinburgh School Librarians Book Throw

The Edinburgh School Librarians have made a video to celebrate Mental Health Awareness Week, promote Escape, Connect and Relate (the service in the school library funded by the Scottish Government) and just a reminder that we are never far away and will be back.

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P7 – Support for Learning Dept

Welcome to the Support for Learning department at Boroughmuir High School.

As we are going to miss our usual Transition events this year we thought we would put together a short video so we can introduce ourselves.

We are really looking forward to meeting you in August.

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Physical Activity can improve our physical health

We all know that Physical Activity can improve our physical health. Did you know that just 1 hour of physical activity per day can also improve your mental and emotional health?

Regular physical activity improves concentration! This will help you to focus better on your home learning tasks.

Regular physical activity increases productivity! This will support you to produce a better quality of work.

Regular physical activity improves our mood! Lockdown is hard and being away from our family and friends (and teachers) can make us feel really low.

Regular physical activity reduces anxiety! Physical activity stimulates various brain chemicals that may leave you feeling happier, more relaxed and less anxious.

The staff at Boroughmuir have been working hard to stay active while working from home and this has helped us to stay positive and produce some excellent home learning tasks for all of our pupils. Check out our ‘Stay Active’ video to see what we have all been doing. We hope this video brings a smile to all of your faces!

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P7 Transition Video – Meet Our Expressive Arts Faculty

We are delighted to introduce another faculty to you all this week. Enjoy the delights, sights and sounds of Expressive Arts. There is also a guest appearance from The P7 Choir and everyone’s favourite “Vassals of the Muir”!

So far to recap…

You’ve had your own newsletter 

Been taken on a tour of the school

Met our PE Teachers

Met our Modern languages Teachers and had a tour from them 

Met our Expressive Arts Teachers 

A few more to come over the coming weeks including some S1s to welcome you and lots more teachers to meet.


 Ms Presly 

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Music – Instrumental Lessons

Dear Parent/Carer

If your child receives instrumental lessons please can you ask them to check their school email over the next few days as their instrumental teacher will be in touch to give support for practicing at home.  They shouldn’t worry if they didn’t take their instrument home, they should just let their teacher know. 

Many thanks, 

Miss MacLeod – CL Expressive Arts.

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Anaphylaxis Awareness Week 2020

Please take a few minutes to read this presentation put together by Grace Wilkinson in S5 to draw our attention to Anaphylaxis Awareness Week 2020.   

If we had been together in school, Grace and other young people would have been presenting this at assembly. 

Thank you Grace for providing us with the next best thing.  This will help us to continue to educate our school community, raise awareness and improve our understanding of this issue.                                          

Ms Presly

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Virtual Tour of Boroughmuir High School

Dear P7s and Parents/Carers,

Please enjoy this virtual tour of Boroughmuir. You can use this to bring your maps to life.  Our school is a little empty but there some more people for you to meet.  

We will be uploading more videos from our teachers over the next few weeks. 

We are looking forward to meeting you whenever that may be.

Take care and enjoy the virtual tour for now! 

Ms Presly

Depute Head Teacher

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