Physical Education – Nat5

National 5 Physical Education

The National 4/5 course enables pupils to demonstrate and develop movement and performance skills in a variety of physical activities.

Learners will develop an understanding of how mental, emotional, physical and social factors can impact performance whilst investigating various ways to develop performance.

Learners will use various methods to collect data/information on performance, which will allow them to identify performance strengths and areas requiring development.

Learners will also gain knowledge of how to design, implement, record and monitor training programmes to successfully develop performance in variety of activities.

Written Portfolio (50%)

All learners will complete a written portfolio to demonstrate their knowledge of the course content. The portfolio will allow learners to identify an aspect of performance requiring development, collect data on performance, design and implement an individual training programme and record/monitor progress throughout.

The Portfolio contributes to 50% of the overall course grade.

Lessons in Physical Education will be split between practical and classroom-based theory sessions.

Performance Assessment (50%)

All pupils are required to be assessed in two activities of their choice. Performances are assessed in the following areas: Performance repertoire, control and fluency, effective decision making, roles/responsibilities and tactics/composition, rules/regulations, etiquette and the managing of emotions.

Pupils are expected to prepare for the Performance Assessment from the start of S3 by regularly practising their activities at our extracurricular or local sports clubs. Most activities will be assessed in school. However, if we do not have the facilities to accommodate an activity, pupils will be expected to submit video evidence of their performance. All activities must be assessed in performance/competition settings.

The Performance Assessment contributes to 50% of the overall course award.