Physical Education – Leadership

Sports and Exercise Leadership

Leadership NPA Group Award:

The Leadership award will investigate various leadership styles and give learners the opportunity the evaluate their own personal and leadership qualities. Learners will be required to plan and organise an event for a group of their choice which will give them valuable experience in leadership on a bigger scale. Learners will document their leadership journey and their steps towards a successful event throughout the process. The award will give pupils the opportunity to develop key transferrable skills to prepare them for further/higher education, employment or further training.

Exercise and Fitness Award:

Learners will work towards three exercise and fitness units; Free Weight Training, Circuit Training and Cardiovascular Training. The units contain a significant theoretical element which will cover exercise physiology (impact of exercise on the body and muscle/joint movements), the safe set up of free weight exercises and performance/leadership of various circuit and cardiovascular exercises. Learners will also be required to carry out independent research at home to gain the required knowledge for successful completion of the course.


All assessments will be completed internally and is ongoing through the duration of the course. Learners will be presented for the units that are appropriate for their level. Assessments will be a combination of written tests, teacher observations and the completion of learner workbooks. Learners will also be assessed in ‘live’ leadership situations including leading younger pupils within the school.