Physical Education – AH

Advanced Higher Physical Education

The purpose of this course is to investigate factors which underpin and impact on performance. Learners will build on the knowledge gained in Higher Physical Education and develop their research skills to allow for a more in-depth study into performance.

Assessment 1: Project (70%):

AThe project will allow learners to develop their knowledge of factors impacting on performance and will require them to select an activity and area of performance that requires development. Learners will be given the skills and knowledge to carry out detailed academic research into their chosen topic using journals, the internet and various literature.

The Project will consist of a 5000-word written assignment which will cover the following areas:

  • Demonstrating independent research and investigation skills
  • Investigating how factors impact on performance
  • Understanding and applying approaches to develop performance
  • Analysing and evaluating the process of performance development including future needs

Assessment 2: Performance (30%):

ALearners will be assessed in one activity of their choice in a challenging performance context. Learners should be regularly performing at club/local, district or national level to be successful in this section of the course. Recommended entry for Advanced Higher PE is an A at Higher.