P7/S1 Transition 2021 – Update

We are in the process of finalising our “Virtual 3 Day Visits” for our new S1s and parents on the 15th– 17th June.  In line with CEC guidance we are unable to meet face to face for transition this year but we are going to be able to build on the success of last year when we had a fantastic 3 Day Virtual experience.  This year we  will offer our P7s the chance to experience an S1 timetable and learning with a mixture of live streamed and recorded lessons to reflect an S1 experience. The feedback from last year was overwhelmingly positive about this experience. We are also building in time, space and support in August to allow transition to happen then too. This again will build on experience from last year. I am currently finalising the details with primary colleagues this week and these will be shared with P7 parents.

I will upload a “Virtual P7 Parents Evening” to our website on the 16th June and aim to meet in person in the autumn term when it is safe to do so.

I have attached again a link to our “Open Afternoon” which contains a huge amount of information which may be helpful at this time too.

Ms J Presly

Depute Head Teacher

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