Health & Food Technology


  • Miss Mandy Mitchelmore – Curriculum Leader
  • Miss Johanna Davidson
  • Miss Pauline McGinley


Health and Food Technology- National Qualifications
Health and Food Technology – Higher
Practical Cake Craft
S5/6 Survival Cookery


Aims & Objectives
Health and Food Technology focuses on health, food preparation, nutrition, safe and hygienic practices in the kitchen.
This course would be suitable for pupils who have an interest in food, health, lifestyle and consumer issues, who enjoy learning through practical activity and have an ability to link theory to practice. Pupils will develop a range of skills which allows pupils to work independently and collaboratively.

Food for Health:
The general aim of this Unit is to develop learners’ knowledge and understanding of the relationship between food, health and nutrition. Learners will also develop knowledge and understanding of dietary needs, for individuals at various stages of life and explain current dietary advice. Through practical activities, the learner will produce and reflect on food products which meet individual needs.

Food Product Development:
Pupils will develop an understanding of the stages involved in developing a new food product and will use their practical skills to develop, plan and manufacture a food product to meet specified needs.

Contemporary Food Issues:
Pupils will develop knowledge and an understanding of contemporary issues affecting food choice such as technological developments in the food industry and through practical food preparation activities which promote a healthy lifestyle.

Resources / Home Study
Food – a Fact of Life
NHS Choices
British Nutrition Foundation
Food Standards Agency
BBC – National 5
BBC – National 4