Physical Education

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  • J Else  – (Curriculum Leader)
  • F Boyd – Teacher
  • D Collard – Teacher
  • L Hastings  – Teacher
  • P Walker – Teacher
  • L Wallace – Teacher


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S1 – 3: Broad General Education.

S3 & 4: Core PE.

S4: National Qualifications.

S5 & 6: National Qualifications.

S5 & 6: Sports Leaders.


Aims and Objectives of PE:

We aim to:

  • Develop pupil’s physical, mental, emotional and social skills.
  • Offer a wide range of activities and sports including team games (including football, handball, hockey, volleyball, rugby and basketball) and individual activities (badminton, tennis, athletics and gymnastics).
  • Develop strong relationships with pupils that encourage, motivate and inspire our learners to take and enjoy physical activity.
  • Challenge pupils with innovative courses that develop literacy, numeracy and ICT skills.
  • Promote a healthy lifestyle that develops pupil physical, emotional and mental wellbeing.
  • Provide pupils with the necessary skills in order to maintain lifelong physical activity participation.

Resources / Home Study: PE Web 3

PE regularly uses Edmodo, twitter and our own youtube channel to support pupils with their learning. Using these resources we aim to provide pupils with the necessary coursework material, with real life examples to extend their learning. Please follow us @BoroughmuirPE to stay in touch and keep up dated on everything that is happening in the PE department.


Extra-Curricular Activities:

After school sport/activities at Boroughmuir is going from strength to strength. The PE department actively encourages all pupils to join any of our clubs. Clubs include:

FootballPE Web 4






Running Club


For more information please come to the PE department or speak to our Active Schools Coordinator: Tony Segall.PE Web 5